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For Creators

VRYNT is the perfect platform for YouTubers, TikTok Stars, Twitch Streamers, celebrities, and brands to engage with their communities. Utilizing the power of Web3 and NFTs, individuals and companies have the ability to create NFTs on the VRYNT platform, with no coding experience, and launch a collection for their fans.
What makes the VRYNT platform special is that for the first time, communities get to be a part of the creator's vision while sharing the success of the collection. All parties have a vested interest in seeing the project grow and flourish.
How is this accomplished?
VRYNT works with the social creator on selecting images, text, and traits that will be featured in the NFT collection. Collectors then have a chance to purchase component packs that contain these items to use in the NFT builder.
The supporters of the social creator use our NFT builder to build a unique NFT using the individual components, that they can then list on the marketplace or upload to the NFT gallery.
Social creators receive a portion of the revenue any time a component packs, components, and/or NFTs are sold.
In addition, users that opt to upload their NFT in the gallery earn credits that can be used to purchase additional component packs on the VRYNT platform. Users and the social creator are encouraged to vote on NFTs.
The end result is that social creators and their fanbase get to take part in bringing to life their engagement.
To get started, reach out to [email protected] for more information on creating your first NFT project.