VRYNT Credits
VRYNT Credits are used to purchase NFTs, components, or component packs on the VRYNT website. These credits are used exclusively on the VRYNT platform, and do not have any monetary value outside of VRYNT.io. VRYNT Credits or VC can be purchased using a debit/credit card or crypto.
VRYNT Credits are available to purchase in "bundles" ranging from 500 VC to 100,000 VC. The more you purchase at once, the greater your savings.
Example: If you purchase 100,000 VC, you receive an additional 20,000 VC, versus buying 10,000 VC with an additional 1,500 VC.
That said, we've made bundles affordable for everyone, and awarded savings to all who opt to buy more than the smallest bundle of 500 VC.
VRYNT credits are not cryptocurrencies
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