Buying VRYNT Credit Bundles
In order to buy individual components in the marketplace or to purchase Component Packs of an NFT Collection, you must fund your wallet with VRYNT Credits.
VRYNT Credits can be purchased on the website using FIAT or crypto.
These credit bundles contain fixed amounts of credits that are offered with discounts depending on the amount you purchase.
You can purchase packs on the Active listed collection, under "Buy Packs".
When you click on this option it will bring up the credit purchase page.
Users can elect to purchase with either a credit card or by using crypto with their metamask wallet.
By purchasing bundles with more credits, users receive a discount.
Once a user selects their desired credit bundle, they can choose their payment option. Electing to pay in crypto helps users save on credit card transaction fees.
Remember to view the "Credits Needed" if you plan on using your credits to purchase a component pack for the current collection on Sale.
Purchase using FIAT
Purchase Using Cryptocurrencies
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