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Setting up your Metamask Wallet on the Avalanche Blockchain

VRYNT is built on the Avalanche Blockchain. If you do not have Metamask you will need to install it to interact with the VRYNT platform. Make sure to follow all of the steps below to complete the process.
MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that can be downloaded on Chrome and Firefox as a browser extension. It allows users to store and transact crypto and NFT's through a simple interface.
MetaMask enables users to interact with cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystems on Ethereum and other blockchain networks, such as Avalanche. Don't let it confuse you, by selecting a different blockchain, we are basically telling the Metamask wallet to store data on a different public database. This guide will teach you how to connect your MetaMask wallet to the Avalanche network.
Once you have minted your VRYNT NFT it will be transferred to your Metamask wallet, and stored in the Avalanche Blockchain.
Let's quickly talk about "Gas" and AVAX Tokens. When you read about AVAX tokens, these are the currency of the Avalanche blockchain (AVAX tokens are "fungible" tokens btw if you read our previous article). The entities/people/companies that maintain the Avalanche blockchain have to be compensated for keeping the computers systems that host the chain (database) running. When you hear about "Gas Fees" this is the price you pay each time you transact with the Avalanche blockchain to store or transfer something. In many cases VRYNT has "hidden" the blockchain interaction fees from you to make the process more user friendly. However for some activities on the VRYNT platform you will need to pay the gas fees directly, like when you are listing an NFT on the marketplace as an example. In this case you need to have some AVAX tokens in your wallet, and this guide will also help you do that.
We know it can be overwhelming!!! There is a lot to learn, but if you need more help, don't hesitate to log into our Discord community and just ask!
If you are already using the Avalanche network, note that only the C-Chain wallet is compatible with MetaMask. So to transfer AVAX from another wallet or an exchange, your tokens need to be in your C-Chain wallet.