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Claim Your Whitelist Code

Congratulations ! You have been selected for the Whitelist for the VRYNT Origins Collection ! This guide will walk you through claiming your whitelist code and also redeeming it on the VRYNT Platform.
Step 1: First, lets determine if you have been selected for the whitelist.
As shown below, if you have been selected for the VRYNT Origins whitelist, then your discord username will be ORANGE and you will have the WL role !.
Step 2:
Once you have identified that you have been selected for the VRYNT Origins Whitelist, you can now claim your Whitelist code.
To do this, you will first go to the "🚑 │ whitelist" channel in our discord.
Here you will choose to create a ticket.
Once your ticket has been created, please be patient. A member of the VRYNT Team will contact you very shortly with your Whitelist code.
Step 3:
Once you have your whitelist code, you are ready to head to the VRYNT platform and claim your component pack
Head to the VRYNT website and click "Buy Packs"
Step 4: Enter the whitelist code that you were given by the VRYNT Support Team, and click Validate Code.
Step 5: After clicking on Validate Code, a pop up screen will show as follows:
Step 6: You are now approved to purchase your first VRYNT Component pack, and are one step closer to creating your very own NFT.