Rating is a social activity on the VRYNT platform. This takes place in many forms, Community, Creator and Builder.

The VRYNT community has the ability to rate any NFT in any collection. This requires them to select a star score out of 5 and confirm their rank. The Community rating of an NFT refers to the average rating of all users on that particular NFT.

VRYNT collection creators also have the ability to rate their collections only. When a collection creator builds a collection. They can rate the NFT out of 5 just like the community. However, the creator rating is displayed separately to the community rating.

When a user builds an NFT in a collection, they become a builder on the VRYNT platform. Each NFT that they build may be rated by Creators and the Community. The Builder Rating is a combination of the ratings on the Builders NFTs.

As builders gain rating from other community members, they will receive a ranking in the Builders Leaderboard. Builders in this leaderboard will earn prizes and other perks in the VRYNT ecosystem.
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