Buying your first component pack
So, you're ready to buy your first VRYNT component pack! You've come to the right place.
VRYNT Component packs contain the minimum number of components required to build your VRYNT.
To purchase a component pack during the launch of a collection, select the Buy Pack option. You can then opt to select one or more Component Packs. You will have 15 minutes to complete your purchase, after that point the Component Pack is released and available to the public to purchase.
Once you click Buy Pack, a pop up window will launch providing you with the option to Open the Pack, or to save it for later.
If you open the pack, each of the individual components will display and prompt you to start Building your VRYNT. If you opt to wait on building your NFT, the components will be viewable in your dashboard. You can choose to sell one or all of them in the marketplace. Keep in mind that these components will vary in rarity.
If you sell one of the components, you will no longer be able to create your NFT until you have a complete set of the required components to MINT your NFT.
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