Gallery Rewards
Gallery Rewards is our way to reward the bold and inspirational builders that bring their ideas to life in creative and unique ways using components purchased from the marketplace, or from their component packs. After you have minted your NFT, you can opt to sell it or display it in the Gallery to earn rewards while letting the world admire your vision brought to life.
As the owner of the NFT you can collect VRYNT Gallery Rewards while it is held in the VRYNT Gallery. Your NFT can continue to accrue Gallery Rewards, up to the original price that was paid for the components, as long as you hold it in the Gallery.
For example, if you spent $100 on a component pack you can earn Gallery Rewards up to $100 by displaying it in the VRYNT Gallery.
When your NFT is displayed in the gallery, you are unable to sell it. Rewards do not accrue if you remove the NFT from the gallery. However, they will resume if you move it back to the gallery.
Gallery Rewards can be exchanged for Component Packs on the VRYNT Platform.
Only Minted NFTs can be moved to the VRYNT Gallery.
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