For Collectors
Wouldn't it be great to have an opportunity to design your favorite band's next album cover? What about creating your favorite author's next book cover, or your favorite drink's holiday label? What about just getting a chance to work with the hottest YouTube sensation, and the community on an art project?
It's no longer a dream, but a reality through the VRYNT platform. Artists and brands are able to create a base component package with VRYNT using individual components, such as images and texts, like a background, photographs and other traits.
These components can be purchased individually on the VRYNT marketplace or in a component pack. Collectors can save the component packs to open at a later date, sell them, or open it to create their very own NFT.
You have the ability to take images and items that social creators would like to see in their NFTs, and MINT a one of a kind non-fungible token, called an NFT.
This NFT can be stored in the Gallery for other fans to see, saved in your digital wallet, or sold on the marketplace. The choice is yours, but regardless of what you choose, for the first time your voice and actions will be heard for all to see, and preserved on the blockchain!
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