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VRYNT is a platform that allows social influencers to share their creative digital vision with their fans. Fans can then use the individual components/items to MINT their own version of the NFTs. Every user on VRYNT has the ability to easily create their own NFT.
How do I get started?
You can purchase an NFT directly on the marketplace, or you can build your own. To build your own, you will need to purchase a component pack.
What is a component pack?
A component pack contains a random assortment of the minimum number of components/items required to Mint your NFT. Just like opening a baseball card pack, you could open a legendary component and some common or rare components. Component Packs are the easiest way to get started building your first NFT.
How do I buy a component pack?
Component packs can be purchased on the live launchpad on VRYNT, found here.
How can I pay for a component pack? You can pay for card packs in FIAT (Debit/Credit Card) or any supported Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin)
How do i purchase with cryptocurrencies?
You will need to connect your Metamask wallet to the VRYNT site. Once connected you will be able to use the balance in your wallet to purchase credit bundles.
Is the VRYNT Credit a cryptocurrency? No, the VRYNT credit is native to the platform and is not a cryptocurrency. The VRYNT Token is a separate item and is a cryptocurrency on AVAX.
What Blockchain is VRYNT on? VRYNT Smart contracts and NFT collections are currently on the Avalanche blockchain.
What is Floor Price?
The floor price is the lowest current price for a collection. It is the minimum price that someone is willing to sell their NFT for on the platform.
Can I buy & sell individual components on the marketplace?
Yes, but you will be unable to MINT your NFT until you own each component required to build the NFT. The marketplace is a great way to find individual Legendary components to build your NFT.
Can I sell individual components on the marketplace?
Some buyers may opt to sell individual components from the component pack that they opened. Note that once you sell an item from your component pack you will need to buy a replacement or a new component pack in order to MINT your NFT, as you will be short the required number of components to build the VRYNT NFT.
What is an NFT?
It stands for "Non-Fungible Tokens". NFTs allow you to create, own, and sell digital creations that cannot be copied as the ownership is recorded on the blockchain. Digital creations can range from art, music, in game assets, membership access cards, Identification, and more.
What is Minting an NFT?
Minting consists of using the minimum number of components and arranging them in the Builder in any way you see fit. Minting cannot be reversed and all components used to create your design will no longer be available in your dashboard.
Where is my NFT stored?
Your NFT is stored in your Metamask wallet. You can list it for sale or transfer it to another individual, who possesses a digital wallet that accepts AVAX NFTs.
I sold my first NFT, now what?
When you sell your NFT, your wallet will be updated with the VRYNT credits. To cash out, you will need to complete KYC.
The NFT Collection Sold Out, Can I still buy it?
During the Launch stage, you can purchase component packs and MINT the Collection NFT. Once it is sold out, you can purchase Minted NFTs, but you will be unable to modify them. You can also purchase the minimum number of required individual components in the marketplace to Build your own NFT.
Can I use an unlimited amount of components to build my NFT?
Each NFT collection sets the number of components that can be used to Build your NFT. You can use no more and no less than the number of required components.
Can I change different components in my NFT?
Yes, you can swap out the required number of components up until you Mint your NFT. Once you Mint your NFT it is immutable. Different components can be purchased in the marketplace.
What makes an NFT more valuable?
NFTs are built using individual components. These components vary in scarcity from common to legendary. While the market dictates prices, an NFT built with all Legendary components should fetch a higher price than one with all common components.
When is the next Collection available?
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My Wallet is not connecting to VRYNT
Make sure you are using Metamask and you have selected the AVAX network. To configure AVAX with your Metamask wallet click here.
Can I return my component packs?
Once you purchase your component pack it cannot be returned, but you can sell the individual components on the marketplace.
Can I trade my NFTs, components, and component packs?
At the present time you can only buy and sell items on VRYNT.
How to create an Account
In order to create an account you will need to create a user name & password. You will also need a metamask wallet to store NFTs that you Mint & purchase on the VRYNT website.
Why do I have to make two transactions sometimes using MetaMask?
MetaMask will ask you to first approve the VRYNT platform to interact with your wallet. Afterwards, you will then be able to confirm the transaction.